Guided By Passion: The Vuya Story

The story of Vuya Walking Safaris begins with four friends who, from an early age, fell in love with the African bush. It’s the story of a collective passion that grew into a unique, collective venture – the story of a wealth of wildlife knowledge and a genuine desire to share it with the world.

The word “vuya” means “return” in Shangaan. Going on a Vuya safari involves leaving the boardroom and bustle behind to return to nature. It suggests a return to your roots; to the crackle of a campfire and quiet twinkle of stars. It’s about returning to a refreshingly simple way of life and reconnecting with the great outdoors.  We also aim to create the type of unforgettable experience that sees guests returning as friends to join us on further adventures.

At Vuya, we believe that teaching more people about the bushveld and its many marvellous creatures is the best, long-term solution to preserving it.

We believe that exploring the earth doesn’t have to cost you the earth. We offer the opportunity to traverse private game reserves with top guides, while our range of trail options means we can cater for a variety of budgets.

On every trail we ensure that the only footprint we make is the one left by our boots on dusty game paths. We endeavour to make as little impact on the environment as possible and treat every living thing – buffalo, beetle or bushwillow – with respect.

We can’t wait to introduce you to our world and perhaps inspire you to begin your own love affair with the African wild.